ContiPressureCheck x frameLOGIC solution in “Tires World” magazine

ContiPressureCheck x frameLOGIC

They’re writing about us again! “Świat Opon” (eng.: “Tires World”) magazine, have wrote an article about telematic tire monitoring. They’ve mentioned frameLOGIC and Continental solution as the source of major savings and safety improvement.

In a latest issue of “Świat Opon” (eng.: “Tires World”) magazine you can find large article about ways of protecting tires by telematic systems. Mr. Jerzy Piątek, from Drabpol company, wrote about ContiPressureCheck x frameLOGIC tire monitoring solution. The system provides pressure and temperature monitoring of each tire in a vehicle independently. In case of abnormalities, system sends alarms to a driver and dispatcher – in result, quick reaction is possible to prevent further damages. This solution is compatible with all tire manufacturers, which means that you are not bound to a specific tire brand. Integrating frameLOGIC and Continental systems together can decrease operational transport costs significantly by prolonging tire vitality and by reducing fuel consumption.

frameLOGIC and GDPR in telematics – last preparations

On May 25th 2018, GDPR, a new EU regulation regarding personal data protection, comes into life. It’s a very important day for every customer and for companies which process their customers’ personal data.


frameLOGIC x Microsoft Conference

We’ve teamed up with Microsoft and Integrit to organize a special event called “Cybersecurity for transportation industry”, which focused on transportation data, drivers, vehicles and trailers security.


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