Ready for electric vehicles

The dynamic of change within automotive industry is huge and exciting. Vehicles become more connected, smart, autonomic and ecologic than ever. The last thing is strongly related to increasing popularity of electric and hybrid drives. Watching those trends closely, we have fully adjusted frameLOGIC’s services to meet new market needs.

If we are to believe Polish Minister of Energy, Krzysztof Tchórzewski, in 10 years there will be 1M electric vehicles riding on Polish roads. Nowadays, in Western Europe we count operating units in hundreds of thousands. In Norway itself, every 4 newly purchased car is powered by blue energy. Meanwhile, in the US, Tesla struggles to meet demand for their brand new Model 3.

Analysing market trends, we have quickly adapted our services to upcoming changes. Since 2015, we have joined the pilot programme of BMW and our German customer – SCHERM Gruppe, which tests 40-tone electric truck to deliver goods in Munich.

For the project needs we monitor following data:

  • Vehicle in charge or drive mode
  • Current charge power
  • No. of charges
  • Total energy charged
  • Energy used by vehicle
  • Regenerated energy during braking
  • Operation hours
  • Motor running hours
  • Vehicle in-motion time
  • Track ‘n’ trace
  • Covered distance
  • Velocity.

We are also experienced in monitoring of electric passenger vehicles. For our key Polish account, TAURON Dystrybucja SA, we successfully control the operation of city cars, Nissans Leafs, on a daily basis.

Those deployments make us feel comfortable when facing industry future becomes reality. The scope of data collected by frameLOGIC system, even though still slighter when compared to petrol vehicles, is more than enough to manage fleet of electric cars.

The whole industry is still in the R&D phase and we also are in the beginning of this new, exciting way. As the time goes by, we all are going to learn a lot. Yet, one thing is certain now. We observe revolutionary time for automotive industry, but frameLOGIC is fully prepared for the new.

frameLOGIC at Transport Manager Meeting 2018 in Katowice

The Transport Manager Meeting in Katowice has come to the end. It was very intensive day, full of meetings and conversations about recent trends in transportation industry.


frameLOGIC awarded with „Business Gazelle” title 8th time in a row!

XVIII Edition of “Business Gazelle 2017” ended with a Grand Gala on Tuesday, 20th of February 2018 at Wroclaw Municipal Stadium. The prize was received by a Member of a Board – Wojciech Karel


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