The advanced algorithm tha measures the behavior of drivers on the road in detail. Rank of the drivers. Identifying areas for improvement. More economical and safer driving of your vehicles.

One of our most advanced products, which in details measures the behavior of drivers on the road. All data collected in the system are analyzed by a sophisticated algorithm that creates a rank of drivers. As a result, customers gain an objective comparison of drivers' skills, detailed information about the operation of vehicles, fuel savings through better driving and lower CO2 emissions into the environment. The solution clearly shows room for improvement, which results in a better and safer driving.

Combustion reduction due to better driving

Higher security of drivers, vehicles and cargo

Flexible solution fitted for the customer’s fleet

Export of data for further analysis



– Lower combustion – Improving safety through:

      > Control of speed limit exceedance

      > Avoiding sudden maneuvers

      > Gentle braking and acceleration

– Flexible solution. Customer selects the parameters and their importance for the type of fleet.

– Ability to export data for further analysis

– Can be combined with information from other systems

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