Trailers monitoring

Highly advanced algorithm which pairs trucks and trailers precise information about temperature inside frigo argo space opening sensors.
Full control over the cargo.

A set of tools for the control of semi-trailers and refrigerated trailers allows you to get complete knowledge about the transported cargo. The smart algorithm of pairing trailers and tractors, accurate information about refrigerator temperature sensors and opening cargo space provides the dispatcher with insight into key data. Gain information that will give you a competitive advantage.

Full knowledge about the cargo

The smart algorithm of pairing trailers and tractors

Precise temperature control

Cargo additionally secured

Trailers pairing

Trailers pairing

We have created three methods of pairing trailers and tractors:

– stable and secure connection by cable with FMS rail (no need for a blackbox in the trailer)

– unique algorithm for pairing two blackboxes: in the trailer and tractor

– fixed connection between a trailer and vehicle in the system (no need for a blackbox in the trailer.)

Whichever option our customers choose, they know exactly where their freight is, who carries it and who is responsible for it.  

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