Tyre pressure control

Accurate real-time information about pressure and temperature. Control over every single tire. Longer service life and higher safety.

Together with our partner, Continental company, we have developed reliable solution to control pressure and temperature of tyres. Dispatcher’s access to those priceless data dramatically increases safety of vehicles and effects in reduced consumption. The scope of generated savings can be a pleasant surprise. The solution works with every tyre brand.

Increase in driver’s and vehicle’s safety

Prolonged life of tyres

Combustion savings/

Anti-theft tool

Tyre pressure control

Tyre pressure control

– Precise information about pressure and temperature of tyres

– The data presented in real time

– Control over every single tyre

– Increased safety of the driver and other road users

– E-mail notification of irregularities

– Extended tire life through proper pressure

– Savings as a result of reduced combustion

– Protection against theft

– A clear visualization of data collected

– The solution works with any brand

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